5 Important Signs Our Long-Term Economic Plan is Working

This week has already seen 5 important signs that our long-term economic plan is building a stronger economy and creating a better, more secure future for hardworking people:

  1. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have upgraded their growth forecasts for Britain’s economy –and by more than for any other major advanced economy. More growth means more jobs and more people with the security of a pay packet each month.
  2. Exports are up, as British businesses grow and reach new customers (British Chamber of Commerce figures, Q1 2014)
  3. The amount we manufacture is also up – a sign that Britain is beginning to make more and the economy is rebalancing (BCC figures, Q1 2014 and ONS figuresFebruary 2014)
  4. Consumer spending is up – this increase in confidence is good news for small businesses and high street shops (The VISA expenditure index - 1.6% increase in March)
  5. Permanent salaries are growing at the fastest rate since July 2007, bringing more financial security to hardworking people (REC/KPMG Report on Jobs, April 2014)

There is still more to do, but our plan is working. The greatest risk to the recovery remains the Labour Party, who would wreck our economy with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes.

We can’t let them do it again – donate £10 today and help secure Britain’s future.