Alex Phillips - Liverpool Walton Parliamentary Candidate

I got to know Walton and Liverpool as a teenager in the 1990's, visiting the area with my school, cementing a life-long love for the City. Since June of this year I have rented a home in the constituency, getting to better know the area and also understand the optimism that local people have for Walton and Liverpool. I share that optimism and am thrilled to have been chosen to represent Liverpool Walton in the upcoming General Election.

My professional background is in financial services and financial regulation. The proudest moment of my career was working with others to reform the payday loan and credit broking markets, protecting many thousands of people from abuses in this sector. I continue to work hard to make people’s lives better and am currently a Volunteer Advisor for Citizens Advice and a Local Councillor.

My main priorities for Liverpool Walton are:

Brexit - delivering on Walton's vote

A majority of Walton residents, like the UK, voted to leave the EU. I will get Brexit done, so a Conservative Government can get on with our plans to invest extra money into our schools, the NHS and our police. 

Regenerating Walton

Liverpool has seen rapid growth in jobs in recent years, but you have told me that economic growth is too focused on the City Centre. I will secure extra high street funding for our high streets. I will also support the plans to redevelop Everton FC's current stadium site when it moves to Bramley-Moore Dock.

Protecting Walton's Parks and Green Spaces

You have told me that you treasure Walton's green spaces. I have supported residents when they have fought against the selling off of public parks. I will help protect Walton's precious green spaces, so they are not sold off to developers.

If you share my priorities for Liverpool Walton then please vote Conservative on 12th December.