2m More Jobs by 2020

Jackson Ng welcomes the news that a future Conservative Government has said that it would help businesses create 2 million more jobs by 2020. This would mean more jobs for our community and also better security for families and our next generation. 

Culture in Liverpool

Dr Martin Williams, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Garston & Halewood, considers the role of culture in Liverpool life.

Record Low Inflation

Jackson Ng, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Liverpool Riverside, welcomes the news that CPI inflation has fallen to its lowest ever level.

The Northern Transport Strategy

The Chancellor and the Tranport Secretary launched the Northern Transport Strategy, which is the first ever comprehensive transport strategy for the North of England. This will deliver jobs and stronger economies for cities in the North, such as Liverpool.

Listening to Young People

Norsheen Bhatti, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Liverpool Walton, writes about the importance of young people and how young peoples' concerns need to be addressed at this election. 

Jackson Ng Welcomes an Increase in the Minimum Wage

As the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Liverpool Riverside, I welcome the Prime Minister's announcement today that there will be a 3 per cent increase in the minimum wage to £6.70 an hour – helping 1.4 million of the lowest paid workers in our country. This will benefit the hard working people in Liverpool and raise living standards all over Britain. 

Don't Risk Chaos Under Labour

This week’s blog highlights how Labour attempting to run the country would be a shambles, by looking at their approach to two separate issues locally.