Catherine Mulhern - Liverpool Wavertree Parliamentary Candidate

It is a privilege to be the Conservative Party Candidate for Liverpool Wavertree.

I am a lawyer and the chief executive officer of a charity focused on the welfare of children, where I work with Parliament on policy issues and with front-line professionals such as police and social workers on training and support. Previously, I have directed human rights and rule of law organisations in the UK and Africa, where I engaged in human rights defence and advised governments on anti-corruption and prevention and disruption of serious and organised crime.  I was also a law firm partner where I advised governments and foundations on governance and transparency issues. Prior to this, I worked as a criminal investigator for truth and reconciliation commissions.

I come from a family of working people. My Irish grandparents were married in Liverpool before moving to New York. My grandfather was a city policeman, while my father was a naval officer. My mother and sister are A&E nurses. As a result, I have a deep understanding of the needs of communities for quality services and access to opportunities both for themselves and their children. In addition, as the granddaughter of a policeman and having worked extensively with the police and front-line workers, I understand the need for people to have safe neighbourhoods and vibrant communities. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to represent the people of Liverpool Wavertree and to work hard for them in Parliament.

My priorities for Liverpool Wavertree are:


Coming from a family of public service professionals, I share the aspirations of working people and their desire for improved public services and access to opportunities for themselves and their children. I will work to ensure that Wavertree receives the benefit of world-class services, including healthcare, police and education.


As the director of a front-line organisation that works extensively with community professionals and police, I understand the importance of safe streets. I will work to ensure that the police have improved resources to protect the community.


Liverpool has experienced tremendous economic growth and has the potential to be even better. I will work to ensure that the city receives the economic benefit of increased trade and its industries receive the benefit of incoming investment.

If you share my priorities for Liverpool Wavertree then please vote Conservative on 12th December.

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