Delivering a Pay Rise

Yesterday, I was delighted to hear the Prime Minister make the case for Britain’s businesses delivering employees with a pay rise – ensuring more people feel the benefits of our economic recovery. 

I am committed to making sure that our nation's economic recovery is felt in Liverpool and also welcome recent research that shows that the rate of growth of technology start ups in Liverpool has outstripped that of London's. 

Due to our long-term economic plan, our country is experiencing its strongest economic growth for seven years, its lowest inflation for more than a decade and falling costs for businesses. For business – it’s clear that economic conditions have not been this good for a long time. 

That is why it’s time the people of Liverpool Riverside had a pay rise. Our economic recovery - locally or nationally - can’t just be shown in the GDP figures or on the balance sheets of British businesses, it must also be reflected in people’s pay packets. On average, every day since the election 1,000 more people are in work, but to ensure more of those workers feel the effects of this recovery the good economic news should be passed on in rising pay cheques. 

By giving Britain a pay rise we can ensure that more people feel the benefits of our long-term economic plan – the financial security of higher earnings and a brighter future for their children and grandchildren.