Keeping Walton Green

Whilst development projects are important for Walton we must first ask the vital question: at what cost? 

If it will mean that local people are going to loose their green space then I think the Council and the city should reconsider their planning applications because any benefit  will out weigh this cost. Keeping our parks and green space in Walton should be a priority and I want to work with the community to fight to keep Walton green.  We must call for the Council to have greater transparency in both its intentions and plans and the voices of local people must be given serious consideration.

Not only do the trees and grass make our city look and feel appealing, they are also important for the well being of the community, for local people to engage with nature, for exercise and especially for our children.  They deserve to have a place to play in and exercise.  

I want to ensure that our green space that was built for the people of the city will continue to be enjoyed and not be taken away from us.