Liverpool Conservatives Welcome Back Edwina

The City of Liverpool Conservatives were delighted to welcome back fellow Scouse Tory, Edwina Currie.

Speaking at the Annual Dinner, this year held at the Adelphi Hotel, the former Minister spoke to a packed room about her time as a young Conservative growing up in Liveprool, her road to Parliament, her political life, and her career after leaving the Commons.

Edwina thoroughly enjoyed speaking to a 'home crowd', and guests loved listening to her anecdotes from throughout the years. There was also a Q&A session, where the CF asked some particularly thought-provoking questions, but Edwina answered them in her well-respected straight-talking style. Overall, the evening was a huge success.


As per tradition, the Chairman of Liverpool Conservatives presented some tokens of gratitude to members. Hannah Withey thanked:

Chris Hall - Volunteer of the Year

Tony Caldeira - For his extraordinary efforts over the past years and Mayoral Campaign

Alma McGing - For her continued support as Treasurer and Local Elections Agent

Betty Morton - For organising the raffles and draws at all our events