Sean Malkeson - Liverpool Riverside Parliamentary Candidate

It is a genuine honour to be the Conservative Party Candidate for Liverpool Riverside.

I was born in Fazakerley, raised in Bootle, went to high school in Crosby, studied and subsequently worked at the University of Liverpool and now work at Liverpool John Moores University. Liverpool is my home.

I am a Chartered Engineer and University Lecturer. I studied Mechanical Engineering and then undertook my PhD studies both at the University of Liverpool. After completing my PhD, I worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher and then Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. I left academia to work for an engineering consultancy firm specialising in analysis and risk mitigation across a range of industrial sectors. I have recently moved back into academia and am now a Lecturer in Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University.

Everyone that knows Liverpool knows it is a vibrant, friendly city and is a wonderful place to live, work, study and raise a family. I have a heartfelt desire to make it even better.

My main priorities for Liverpool Riverside are:


Liverpool is a city on the rise, experiencing sustained growth in its economic fortunes through developing on its world class advantages in areas such as tourism, digital & creative and our cruise facility to name but three. My ambition is to help accelerate this growth through constructive partnership with central government and put Liverpool back on the map as an economic asset for the Northern Powerhouse and the UK as a whole.


I have studied and worked at our Universities and want everyone in the city to have the opportunities that I had. To make this happen I will work with all parties to ensure we offer our young people the best options for them to develop their skills here in Liverpool whether that be through our Universities or via the new generation of exciting sector-focused apprenticeships that the Conservative Government has made possible.


I want Liverpool to be a place people aspire to live in and to do this I will fight for investment in those pillars of our communities such as law & order, health, and education. But, I will do this alongside a commitment to protect our environment from destructive and ill-thought out developments.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to represent Liverpool Riverside in Parliament and vote Conservative on 12th December.