Securing a Better Future for Young People

As the Conservative MP candidate for Liverpool Riverside, I am delighted to announce that the Prime Minister has launched new ‘degree apprenticeships’ so young people can earn a degree whilst training on the job. Ensuring that our young people are given all the opportunities to succeed in this ever globalising world is a key personal objective of mine and my colleagues and I in the Conservative Party want all our young people to reach their potential and be equipped with the skills they need to get on in life. By combining real, paid work with high quality training, apprenticeships help young people in Liverpool to get on the career ladder.

Under this Conservative led government, we have already delivered over two million apprenticeships since 2010, and committed to deliver three million more by 2020. We are now going further with new degree apprenticeships. Designed by businesses, universities and colleges these combine the academic study of a degree with practical experience of hands on high-skilled jobs. Apprentices will be able to earn a bachelor’s or even master’s degrees as part of the apprenticeships – allowing them to combine learning and earning. 

In a week where the Echo has reported that according to workforce specialist Manpower, ‘North West employment outlook has jumped four points and is almost double the national average’ whilst in Liverpool, manufacturing is leading the way. This is very good news as our economic recovery continues, it is clear that employers are now also investing to upskill and train people. 

Equipping people with the skills they need to get on in life and backing businesses to create jobs are key parts of our long-term economic plan. I am proud to support this initiative as these degree apprenticeships will help build a Britain where everyone has the reward of a meaningful job and a decent standard of living. If elected as your representative in May, I will ensure that more apprenticeships are created locally so that we can ensure the future of our next generation.