North West jobs at risk after Lab/Lib/UKIP vote

Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP MEPs have threatened thousands of British jobs at Airbus and across the North West by voting to continue forcing non-European airlines to pay an 'Emissions Levy' whenever they fly to or from the EU, North West MEP Jacqueline Foster, has warned. (Pictured: Chris Whiteside, James Walsh, and Jacqueline Foster MEP with Airbus apprentices in Broughton) 

MEP Candidates Visit Liverpool

On Saturday 29th March, two of the Conservative European Parliament candidates (Kevin Beaty and Dan Hamilton) joined in the Liverpool campaign for the Local and European elections held on Thursday 22nd May. 

What The Budget Means for Liverpool

"...we’re now growing faster than Germany, faster than Japan, faster than the US – in fact there is no major advanced economy in the world growing faster than Britain today."

Cruise Liner Success for Liverpool

Conservative MEP Jacqueline Foster welcomes EU Commission decision that public funding worth £17.8 million granted for the construction of the Liverpool cruise terminal is in line with EU state aid rules.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year from the City of Liverpool Conservatives.

Lord Heseltine Honoured

Lord Heseltine has been honoured by Liverpool John Moores University for 'sowing seeds of Liverpool renaissance'.