Fantastic Freshers!

The City of Liverpool Conservative Future branch had a brilliant response at this year's freshers fair.

Geoff Gubb Selected

Merseyside Conservatives have selected their PCC Candidate for the upcoming election on the 15th November.


There has been another year of excellent exam results across the city, with academies coming out on top.

24-hour Production at Halewood

Jaguar Land Rover is moving to 24-hour production at its Merseyside operations for the first time in its 50-year history.

Liverpool Has New Portas Pilot

Funding has been given to help aspiring young entrepreneurs in the community by offering a mentoring service.

By-election Campaigning

The City of Liverpool Conservatives have been campaigning hard for the upcoming by-elections in Allerton & Hunts Cross for Chris Hall (pictured) and Riverside for Alma McGing.

Lib Dem Vote Collapses

The Liberal Democrat vote has dropped dramatically around the city, particularly in Allerton & Hunts Cross.